our expertise

We work with European institutions, public authorities, small and medium sized businesses, NGOs, communities and individuals from a variety of sectors in Germany, the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide.

Our experts have a wide range of backgrounds across the science-policy interface and across a diversity of thematic areas. Our teams work with interdisciplinary skills-sets and analytical tools from economics, environmental and social sciences. Project teams are always set up to best meet our client's individual needs. We complement our core team with a network of expert partners and in-country representatives.


The following list highlights some of our recent projects:

· Developing a pilot modelling approach on estimating the direct and indirect socio-economic impacts of climate extreme events (implemented for a European institution);

· Literature review on climate change impacts outside Europe affecting Europe (for a European institution);

· Projects on strenghening disaster management capacity on EU, country and community level;

· Evaluation of the (implementation of the) EU adaptation strategy;

· Supporting the implementation of green infrastructure across Europe (including cost-benefit analysis);

· Technical support related to Target 2 of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020 – maintaining and restoring ecosystems and their services (incl. the design and socio-economic impact assessment of possible options for a European Green Infrastructure Network); 

· Project on socio-economic benefits of green infrastructure for flood management (incl. cost-efficiency analysis compared to grey infrastructure) and support with implementation on a city level;

· Process guidance for a corporate sustainability pathway and certification for a consortium of European wholesale businesses;

· Involvement in pilot phase for developing a worldwide sustainability standard for businesses;

· Report on financing urban adaptation to climate change (implemented for a European institution);

· Improving the mobilisation of climate finance for cities;

· Project on shifting private finance towards climate-friendly investments and up-scaling climate finance worldwide (implemented for European institutions).


For more information regarding our experience, please do not hesitate to contact us!