finding the right balance

Climate change is one of the crucial environmental challenges we have to tackle now, to minimise irreversible impacts from extreme weather events and changing ecosystem functioning.

Climate change policy is highly complex. Various mandatory and voluntary initiatives exist or are being developed to tackle the human-made causes of climate change, as well as to assist countries, communities or businesses in adapting to the unavoidable effects of climate change. Finding the right balance between mitigation and adaptation measures and investment remains a challenge.

The key is to take a balanced, fully informed approach to environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities at both strategic and operational levels - no matter the type of business or policy challenge at hand.


We offer:

· research and advice on up-to-date national, European and worldwide policy developments relevant for your organisation;

· innovative thinking on challenging topics requiring urgent action, such as climate finance;

· development of efficient and cost-effective strategies to lower your impact on climate change;

· plans for adjusting to the impacts of climate change (adaptation plans, etc.);

· etc.